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Orange County Website Designers

Getting What You Pay For

 How much does a website cost?


Professional web design companies in New York (and beyond) typically charge for two things:


1. Initial Website Design

On average, local website designers will charge between $2000 - $3000

for the inital build. Most will offer between 5 - 10 web pages, a mobile website,

web hosting and a few other basics. Few will offer what's truly needed

to compete in today's digital environment (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.).

At MYDIGITALLY, we offer many of these things...standard.


2. Ongoing Maintenance

Not only is it crucial to have a website, it's necessary to feed the search engines fresh content with frequent updates to the site. New information, promotions/sales, events, photos, etc. are all important things to add to your website on a monthly basis. Most web design companies charge an hourly fee to make these updates for you. We've seen website designers in New York charge up to $90/hour to maintain a website. Not us! Contact an Ally today.


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